The Real Talk on Parenting

Working in law is tough enough - the long hours, the often unreasonable expectations, and the focus on work over everything else. In the past, perhaps that was doable - yet the reality is, for many lawyers who seemingly juggled so many priorities, they had a lot of help: a stay-at home spouse, one (if not multiple) nannies, and for men - very low expectations about what being a good parent looked like.

Yet the reality is, parenting as a lawyer is tough. And we don’t seem to hear enough lawyers talking openly and honestly about what their realities look like and how they try to make it work. If we’re going to have a truly inclusive profession, then we need to be doing our best to understand what it’s like for many lawyers these days who are parenting children while juggling intense jobs. It’s time for some real talk.
Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
467 Davidson ave
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