Women in Law

It’s hard to argue that women in the legal profession are competing on a level playing field. It feels like every month, there’s a new comprehensive report about why women are leaving the legal profession. Unsurprisingly, these reports tend to find that women are being passed over for promotions, are not being rewarded for their contributions, and subject to biased compensation systems. And yet every firm seems to believe they treat women equitably. So where’s the disconnect? Is it deliberate? Ignorance? A bit of both.

It’s time for real talk and real action. And to be clear - this session is not yet another panel where men and other people who don’t identify as women don’t show up, because they feel like they’re not supposed to attend. This session is for everyone - but especially for people who aren’t women. It’s time to listen, time to understand, and time to act.
Sunday to Wednesday
December 23 to 26, 2022
467 Davidson ave
Los Angeles CA 95716